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1942Establishment of NII STALI (Research Institute of Steel)
1943Engine components, suspension and caterpillar tracks upgrading.
1948Design of T-10, T-54 battle tanks’ hulls and turrets automatic welding technology using large electrodes.
1949Design of SBL-1, SBL-2, MBL-1 cast armor steel for -55, -62 battle tanks’ turrets.
1951Implementation of 54P bulletproof steel with no postweld low-temperature tempering.
1954Implementation of high-performance three-phase arc controlled automatic welding process. Implementation of battle tanks’ turrets chill casting technology.
1959T-54, T-55, T-10M verification test in site under nuclear weapon impact conditions. Design and implementation of the world’s first nuclear protection armor for MBTs and IFVs.
1962Design of the world’s first hybrid protection with counter-HEAT filler for T-64 MBT.
1964Implementation of 7M heat-resistant alloy for turbine blades of T-64 MBT engine and design of runners welding technology.
1967Design of ABT-101, ABT-102 aluminum welded armor for BMD-2 and BMP-3 and BT-70 ultra-high strength steel armor with TMP for BMP-2.
1969Production of torsion-bar suspension for Lunokhod-1 moon robot
1971Design of the first domestic bulletproof vests ZhZL and ZhZT for the Russian Police. Design of disrupting camouflage painting patterns and “Nakidka” radio absorbing material for armored vehicles.
1973Successful tests of the world first prototypes of tank ERA systems (VEER and AZOT)
1974Implementation of new technologies: ESR, DIQ, TMP (ESR – electroslag remelting, DIQ – differential isothermal quenching, TMP – thermomechanical processing).
1975Design and production of protection for sarcophagi of V. Lenin, G. Dimitrov and Ho Chi Minh.
1979Design, production setup and bulk fielding of the first domestic 6B2 and 6B3TM bulletproof vests.
1980Implementation of 21, 24, 21Sh, 22Sh and 24Sh balanced alloyed armor steels.
1982Design and fielding of CONTACT add-on ERA system for -55, -62, -72, -80 tanks.
1983Implementation of high-resistance shit steel 44 for bulletproof vests.
1985Design and production setup of the first domestic armor ceramics for bulletproof vests and production of 6B4 and 6B5 bulletproof vests with ceramics.
1986Design of bulletproof vests for M.S. Gorbachev and R.M. Gorbacheva. Design of radiation protection for machinery and personnel engaged in Chernobyl atomic power plant accident containment.
1987Design and service introduction of “Kontakt-5” integrated multipurpose ERA system.
1989Designs of Najibulla’s palace antimissile protection. Design of rolled welded turret for -72 and -80 MBTs.
1991Design works and manufacturing of the first domestic highly secure vault for Central Bank of Russian Federation. Design and production of the first domestic electric shockers.
1995Design of State Standards (GOSTs) for body armor garments and design of protective equipment certification system.
1996Design and commencement of batch production of titanium helmets of high level of protection for FSB special detachments.
1999Design and service introduction of the first domestic 6B7 polymer-fabric helmets.
2000Design and exporting of ERA complex for BMP-3.
2002Design and service introduction of new generation of 6B11 and 6B12 bulletproof vests and 6B14, 6B6 and TSh-5 helmets.
2005Service introduction of a new multipurpose modular ERA “Relikt”.
2006Fielding to MoD of a new generation helmets 6B26, 6B27, 6B28.
2008Delivery to a foreign customer of the first software package for T-90 MBT operation, maintenance and repair training.
2009Design of a family of MEDVED MRAP vehicles.
2010Design of 3. Generation body armor; start-up of 2. Generation body armor production.
2011Design of defense system for upgraded T-90 MS MBTs.
2013Design of a new production technology for 6B27 and “Altyn” helmets configuration out of HMPE.
2014Design and delivery of protection for “Ural-VV” armored vehicles. Design of original new armor materials research procedures. Design of new 44S-SV-Sh armor steel for armored vehicles. Design of special fire assembly for “Onezhets 300 VG” forest firefighting vehicle.